What the Elf……

I’m sure many of you have an elf floating around your home.  Our elf is named Elfy, I know….super original.  Only a few more nights before Elfy leaves and returns with Santa.  By this time, I can’t wait!

I have all kinds of creative ideas that I’ve pinned (of course) but by the time the kids have gone to bed, I’ll do some work for my job, I’ve done the dishes, laundry, etc….I just want to sit down with a glass of wine.  Then by the time I go to bed, I have completely forgotten about Elfy.  At 2am I shoot up out of bed in a cold sweat, run down to find him, chuck him in our Christmas tree, hang him from something or shove him into a bag/box with 0% creativity.

Of course in the morning the kids don’t care.  They are just so excited to find him.  Last night I read this quote from The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo…..”Believing is all a child does for a living” (Kurtis Lamkin).  He is so right in saying that!  I don’t really want my kids to stop believing in the spirit/magic of Christmas.  So with these last few nights before Elfy leaves us, I’ll try to be a little more creative.  Probably not “pin worthy” but certainly better than throwing him somewhere.

*Side Note: The moms that are super awesome creative ~ you need to monopolize on that!  Start a company to come and do it for other moms.  I would TOTALLY hire you!

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