High Five for Friendship

How many of you have those friends you’ve had since childhood that you meet for drinks or get your families together for dinner?  Or maybe college roommates you still chat with about the good old days.  Then there is always that friend you have scheduled Facetime dates with, talk until 2 in the morning and laugh until your stomach hurts.

We need to remember how important friendships are in our lives.  As you get older, the friendship circle gets smaller and smaller.  I get it….life happens.  You get married, start a demanding career, maybe move away, possibly start a family, whatever it might be, take time and nurture these treasured relationships, and not just a “happy birthday” on Facebook.  Yes, you do have your family but there is something different about sharing your goals, frustrations, good times and bad with friends.  I always find my friends to be less judgmental, sometimes more supportive of crazy dreams and give honest feedback.

This generation should really have no trouble staying connected.  My college roommates and I have a group chat on WhatsApp and it is fabulous!  We are all over the country but it’s like we are back at Bloomsburg University sitting on the couch watching TLC Wedding Story again.  Using Facetime is like having my BFF in my living room with me.

I will admit…I do go old school style too and actually write a letter or call them (*GASP!).  Sometimes I’ll send random gifts just because I saw something that I know they would love.

So take some time out of your busy life and reach out to a friend today.  It will make you smile, laugh and warm your heart.  Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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