Go with the Flow

This past weekend really made me realize how important it is to go with the flow and let happen, what happens.

Friends did a last minute invite to meet them at Hershey Park. I was a single parent on this day (husband had a wrestling tournament) and accepted the challenge. I thought how crazy could it be? Well…….I’m pretty sure everyone who lived on the East Coast was at Hershey Park that night. It was a “chilly” 65 degrees so could you blame them? After standing in line for about 45 minutes to ride one kid ride (not to mention we actually stood in line waiting to cross a bridge/walk wall) we told the kids about this awesome place called Troegs and how much fun it would be to go there! They cheered and said let’s go! For real…they did.

We loaded the kids up in the strollers and began our journey back through the sea of people to our cars. As we pull into our destination for drinks and food, we see that cars are parked 3 deep in the loading dock area, I say let’s bounce, order pizza, and head to our house. To add to the craziness, as we are sitting in bumper to bumper traffic my son screams “I have to pee NOW!” Cue wreck-less pull off to have him pee in a bush.

Hanging out at the house was exactly what we needed after the complete chaos we just encountered. The kids ran around, we stuffed ourselves with food, had some much needed adult beverages and got to talk.

We could have been completely angry at the crowds, the kids could have had horrible meltdowns for not being able to ride more rides, and we could have lost our temper dealing with the stress of traffic but instead we went with the flow and laughed about it.
It’s ok to have changes in plans because sometimes…..last minute plans, turn out to be the best memories.

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