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Letter To My (Past/Present/Future) Yoga Students



I’ve been a yoga teacher since 2009 and I love it.  But I truly love my students.  The friendships and relationships I’ve created over the years are treasures to me.  This is for all my students over the years.

  • No, I don’t do yoga every day.  GASP!  I really, really wish I woke up early did some poses to open up my body and then meditate but, life takes over and….I like my sleep.
  • Yes….I do eat meat, eat junk food and drink alcohol.  I know!  Another GASP!
  • I don’t tell you when I’m going to have a substitute for my classes for a reason.  I want you to try other teachers!  When you see a sub on the schedule or when you walk into the studio – DON’T PANIC!  Practice your yogic breathing, take a deep breath.  It’s going to be ok.  I promise.
  • Don’t feel guilty about missing class.  This isn’t church.  Even if you haven’t been to class in 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years, I will still greet you with a big smile, maybe a hug and be so happy to see you there.
  • Don’t put me on a pedestal like a yoga master or guru.  I’m human.  I’m still learning and growing just like you.
  • So many people say they should come to a class and all I can say is – YES!  Yes you should!  The world would be a much better place if people practiced yoga.  Give it a try!  “I wish I didn’t come to this yoga class.” Said no one ever.  If you try my classes and didn’t like it, try a different style or teacher.  You will know when it clicks for you.
  • If you say “I just can’t sit still”.  You need yoga the most.  I’m completely guilty of this too but yoga has made me very aware of those moments and has helped me.
  • Don’t feel bad or like you have to leave if you are the only one at class.  Take advantage of it!  You are getting a private lesson for a fraction of the price.  Ask questions, ask for help on something, just enjoy!
  • I love when I see my students have that “yoga glow”.  It is beautiful and makes me so happy.  You know what I’m talking about,  you see it too.
  • The yoga pose, flexibility, and headstands, though they are fun, they aren’t the goal of yoga.  I like this quote by Rachel Brathen – “The goal is to create space where you were once stuck.  To unveil the layers of protection you’ve built around your heart.  To appreciate your body and become aware of the mind and the noise it creates.  To make peace with who you are.  The goal is to LOVE YOU.  Come to your yoga mat to feel, not to accomplish.  Shift your focus and your heart will grow.”

Most of all, thank you, thank you for all the years of rolling your mat out with me and trusting me to help you on your yoga journey.  It makes my heart swell when I watch my students grow in so many ways ~ physically and mentally.  It is so beautiful to watch!  Just remember, it is YOU who created this beauty.

Cruise Director or Parent? Trying to Balance the Days of Summer….

School is coming to an end and summer is upon us!  Which means……bored kids who get cranky from not being entertained 24/7.  I’m not sure how or when it happened but why do parents, especially moms feel the need to be like a cruise director and plan out all these magical memories?

I have a board on Pinterest called “cool stuff to do with kids”.  Currently I have 121 pins.  I have completed maybe 4.  But I keep adding and adding.  Why?  Because one day I’ll get to it right?  Probably not.  I need to put the iPad and phone away and just be present for my kids.  Just play!  Like real play – throw a ball, swim in a pool, read a book with them, be the monster and chase them.

But at the same time, I need to just let them be kids and not depend on entertainment from us.  Let them get bored.  It’s ok!  Make them imagine and create their own worlds.  Some of my favorite summer memories are of my sister and I making up music videos and dance routines.  Come on….you know you did it too.

I’m not one to just sit and relax.  I’m guilty of needing entertainment 24/7 too.  But I’m going to make a conscience effort to enjoy these lazy days of summer as a family and for myself.  I’m sure there will be days that get hectic with activities or with kids fighting or trying to balance work and kids but I’ll remind myself to stop, take a breath and tell myself to embrace the chaos!

Being a Mom is not for the Weak


I was the best mom before I had kids.  I was never going to have kids that misbehaved, they were always going to listen to me and I would absolutely by no means ever bribe my kids.

Fast forward a few years…..there are times when I wonder what creatures have taken over my children as they act like they have never been in public, or I think they have hearing loss because I’ve asked then 15 times to put on their shoes but can somehow hear me whisper about candy and as for bribing?  Guilty.

Being a mom is probably the hardest job I’ve ever had and it is certainly not for the weak.  Of course before you have children you know how hard it will be, you get it.  How about you borrow my kids for a weekend and let me know how it goes.  It is 24/7/365.  There are no days off or sick days.  And vacation!?  HAHAHA!!!!  You need a vacation after a vacation because you are trying to make sure no one drowns, jumps off a balcony, gets lost, is fed, trying to find a bathroom because they waited until the last minute, smiling (even though you are sick to your stomach) as you watch them ride the rickety old rides that have rope for a seat belt, staying up with them because they can’t sleep because 1. you forgot that one stuffed animal that they never sleep with but that night they really want to sleep with or 2. they can’t sleep in a strange place.

Now that I am a mom, I call my mom on a regular basis and apologize profusely.  My mom usually laughs.  I have such a respect for my mom now.  She is an absolutely amazing woman, mother, role model, and friend.  She is so giving, loving, patient, kind, beautiful, smart, strong and caring.  There are times while I’m talking to my kids that I gasp and freeze because what is coming out of my mouth sounds exactly like my mother and it is terrifying.  But then again, secretly deep down, I’m ok with it since I think she is fabulous and I hope I’m half as amazing as she is one day.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

That 4 Letter Word

love image cute heart love rose cute wallpaper smart couple baby love ...

I haven’t always been about Valentine’s Day.  Surprising, since my name means LOVE.  I thought it was a day for Hallmark, Vicky Secrets, jewelry, flower and chocolate shops to make bank.  And yes, I guess it is that but it is also a celebration of that 4 letter word – LOVE!

Get creative this V-Day and come up with something different and simple.  Give a massage, paint your girl’s toes, have a dance party to a playlist that is special to you, write a love letter, bake something sweet or cook a delicious meal to share.

The more people who spread LOVE, the better the world will be.  Take time today to give a hug or a kiss.  Did you know that hugging can reduce the risk of heart disease, lower stress levels and help you be in a better mood?  Maybe call someone special to tell them the top 10 reasons why you love them.  Remember, it’s not just about that significant other in your life.  It can be a family member, your adorable little kiddos, a very dear friend or yourself.  Who wouldn’t accept an additional dose of LOVE?  LOVE can be a miracle drug that doesn’t cost a thing.  Don’t hold on to it.  Give it away!

And these three will last forever – Faith, Hope and Love.  But the greatest of these is LOVE.