Being a Mom is not for the Weak


I was the best mom before I had kids.  I was never going to have kids that misbehaved, they were always going to listen to me and I would absolutely by no means ever bribe my kids.

Fast forward a few years…..there are times when I wonder what creatures have taken over my children as they act like they have never been in public, or I think they have hearing loss because I’ve asked then 15 times to put on their shoes but can somehow hear me whisper about candy and as for bribing?  Guilty.

Being a mom is probably the hardest job I’ve ever had and it is certainly not for the weak.  Of course before you have children you know how hard it will be, you get it.  How about you borrow my kids for a weekend and let me know how it goes.  It is 24/7/365.  There are no days off or sick days.  And vacation!?  HAHAHA!!!!  You need a vacation after a vacation because you are trying to make sure no one drowns, jumps off a balcony, gets lost, is fed, trying to find a bathroom because they waited until the last minute, smiling (even though you are sick to your stomach) as you watch them ride the rickety old rides that have rope for a seat belt, staying up with them because they can’t sleep because 1. you forgot that one stuffed animal that they never sleep with but that night they really want to sleep with or 2. they can’t sleep in a strange place.

Now that I am a mom, I call my mom on a regular basis and apologize profusely.  My mom usually laughs.  I have such a respect for my mom now.  She is an absolutely amazing woman, mother, role model, and friend.  She is so giving, loving, patient, kind, beautiful, smart, strong and caring.  There are times while I’m talking to my kids that I gasp and freeze because what is coming out of my mouth sounds exactly like my mother and it is terrifying.  But then again, secretly deep down, I’m ok with it since I think she is fabulous and I hope I’m half as amazing as she is one day.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

2 thoughts on “Being a Mom is not for the Weak

  1. Soo true…I can relate!! Even with having 24/7 365 job as a mom it’s still the best job and your doing well!! Happy Mother’s Day!

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