4 Steps for a Zen-Like Home Buying Experience


The home buying process can be stressful. Instead of looking at it as a stressful process, look at it as an exciting time, a new adventure and a new beginning.

Along with being a Realtor, I’m also a yoga teacher.  That being said, I try to incorporate my zen-like mindset into the home buying process to help reduce the stress level for my clients. For example, my Realtor side will do as much legwork as possible ahead of time, keep my buyers expectations in check and minimize unforeseen obstacles. My yoga side will help my clients take a deep breath when they need to, keep emotions in check and try to keep everyone calm.

Here are steps to keep things zen-like:

Step 1: Get a Preapproval from a Trusted Lender
I know that you may have a price point in mind for a home but there are many items that go into how much you can afford.  It’s a wise decision to speak with a lender to actually get the numbers. This will help you in your home search.  You don’t want to fall in love with your dream home and then find out you can’t afford it. This is also helpful to see how much money you would need to actually purchase the home and what your monthly payment will be.  I like my clients to be completely comfortable with those numbers. Like I always say, “buying a home isn’t like buying a pair of shoes, you can’t return it if you don’t like it.” If you trust your real estate agent (which I hope you do!) they may recommend a lender.  They are doing this because they have worked with the best of the best…..and possibly the worst of the worst.  Along with a great Realtor, having a trusted and knowledgeable lender can make a world of difference with the home buying process. You can select any lender you would like. Besides your agent, ask friends and family too.  They may have recommendations as well.

Step 2: Set Expectations
Before you start house hunting, make a list of non-negotiable items, your needs, wants and desires. Really take time to think about what you want to accomplish with buying a home. Does the school district matter, short commute to work, big yard or maybe if you are downsizing or travel a lot for work, you want less maintenance. Are you handy and can handle some DIY projects? Or do you want a place that is completely renovated.  Compare these items to your preapproved purchase price and see if you are being realistic.

Step 3: No Large Purchases
When you find that perfect living room set or dining room table, DO NOT buy it.  Large purchases during the home buying transaction can throw off your finances and may delay things or even possibly end the transaction because you can’t get financing now. I know you are excited for those new items but for now, just heart them on your Wayfair app. 😉

Step 4: Keep Emotions in Check
This may be one of the hardest ones to accomplish. You want to try and keep a level head during this process.  Buying a home is most likely your largest financial decision and emotions can run high.  When you are stressed, you can sometimes make irrational decisions. Again, take a deep breath and think things through before making big decisions.

Doing your homework and the initial steps that I outlined here will help you. Also, a good agent and lender that you trust, will help guide you through this process and hopefully keep it zen!