Monthly Archives: December 2016

Missing the Chaos

Currently I am sitting still in complete silence.

By myself.

Eating cheese and crackers.

If you know me at all…..1. I LOVE cheese and crackers and 2. I’m pretty much never alone and sitting in silence.

Being a mom of 2 kids ages 9 and 4, I’m doing/saying one of the following things basically 24/7:
Nagging my kids to clean up, nagging to practice piano or do their homework, stop fighting, stop jumping off the couch, wiping some kind of bodily fluid up, doing laundry or dishes, cooking food that they don’t want, arguing/pleading/bribing them to eat the food, pretending to be a fairy or superhero, reading the same book for the 1,000th time, looking for Waldo and having him memorized on each page but acting like I don’t know where he is, playing Don’t Break The Ice and cursing under my breath every time I have to shove those ice cubes back in just to smash them out in 20 seconds, cleaning up a science experiment or art project, picking up socks (seriously, my kids leave like 2,347 socks just thrown about!!) and the list can go on and on……

Parents who have older kids always say to treasure the chaos because you will miss those days.  I think to myself, are you people nuts!?  But as I sit here, I know exactly what they are talking about.  My heart gets so happy when I hear the kids playing together, or when my daughter sings with all her heart at the top of her lungs or when my son goes crazy on his drum set.  I love when I hear the kids playing “detective club” with the neighbors and they race in and out of the house.

I already have moments that I miss and will never get back, my daughter playing Cinderella.  She would “lose” her shoe and my husband would have to get it and try to find her to give it back.  This would happen over and over and over again.  My son would like me to sleep on the floor some nights and he would reach his little hand through the crib rails and hold my hand until he fell asleep.  Or him singing “Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream, mallory, mallory, mallory, mallory, life is but a dream.”

So this is a friendly reminder to myself and all the parents with young kids.  Embrace the chaos!  Before we know it, we will have a very quiet home.