Monthly Archives: July 2016

Working vs. Staying Home….I’ve Done It All…..

My husband and I made an agreement before we had our little ones that whoever made less money, would stay home until we felt comfortable for our kids to be in preschool or daycare.  So over the last decade (almost), I’ve been a stay at home mom, worked part time or worked full time while having kids.  Let me tell you… is a physically and mentally demanding job either way!

I felt like my brain became mush when I stayed at home full time.  I could tell you every character name on the kids shows or sing every word to the theme songs but talk about adult topics….hmm…..not so much.  I craved adult conversation and interaction.  I would call my husband at 2:00 asking if he would be home soon.  But I had no schedule and we could go to the zoo or library pretty much anytime we wanted.  I could hug and kiss my little ones whenever I wanted, I got to witness all their firsts and hear all their crazy, fabulous, funny questions/comments. SIDE NOTE: if you don’t already have a quote book for your kids – start one today! Hilarious!

Working full time had its benefits and downfalls too.  Our bank account was certainly in a much better place but we were all completely exhausted every night.  Also the balancing act of working and sick kids is never fun.  Thankfully we have an amazingly supportive family that could help in those situations.  I felt challenged from work, which I loved, but I did miss my adventures with my little sidekicks.

Currently I am a Realtor which is 24/7/365 but it is my time that I get to organize and use that works best for myself and family.  There are still challenges that we work through but again, it takes a tribe and I certainly have one that I couldn’t live without their love and support.  I really love my line of work and it fits my personality well.  I learn something new every day and I never know what’s going to happen, which I like, keeps me on my toes.

A friend of mine said to me that it isn’t always the quantity of time you spend with your kids but the quality of time you spend with them.  Which I thought was a great point to working/staying home and parenting.  We all make decisions with regards to this choice.  If you are “wired” to work full time and enjoy it, don’t feel guilty.  If you love being with kids and being the CEO of the home, then rock it!   Just remember to find time between meetings, deadlines, laundry and cooking to make some special moments along the way.