Monthly Archives: February 2016

That 4 Letter Word

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I haven’t always been about Valentine’s Day.  Surprising, since my name means LOVE.  I thought it was a day for Hallmark, Vicky Secrets, jewelry, flower and chocolate shops to make bank.  And yes, I guess it is that but it is also a celebration of that 4 letter word – LOVE!

Get creative this V-Day and come up with something different and simple.  Give a massage, paint your girl’s toes, have a dance party to a playlist that is special to you, write a love letter, bake something sweet or cook a delicious meal to share.

The more people who spread LOVE, the better the world will be.  Take time today to give a hug or a kiss.  Did you know that hugging can reduce the risk of heart disease, lower stress levels and help you be in a better mood?  Maybe call someone special to tell them the top 10 reasons why you love them.  Remember, it’s not just about that significant other in your life.  It can be a family member, your adorable little kiddos, a very dear friend or yourself.  Who wouldn’t accept an additional dose of LOVE?  LOVE can be a miracle drug that doesn’t cost a thing.  Don’t hold on to it.  Give it away!

And these three will last forever – Faith, Hope and Love.  But the greatest of these is LOVE.